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Top 3 NFT games worth playing in May 2022

Long gone are the days when gaming equated to holing up on the couch with nothing better to do. Blockchain technology and NFTs have revived gaming with new streams of revenue. Due to their impressive earning potential, NFT games are all the rage now.

NFTs, or Play-to-Earn, games are one of the biggest things in the cryptocurrency world today. Many people believe they are the next big thing in the cryptocurrency industry.

Every mobile game developer wants to create an excellent game with a monetization mechanism to maximize their advertising revenue. Currently, most crypto games require players to use real money to purchase virtual reality goods, after which they can unlock advanced content. Using cryptocurrencies instead of money would make the process a lot easier for NFT gamers and the developers if applied. And now, slowly, many developers are catching up to it and can tag their digital collectibles.

But, what does this mean? Game developers realize that an in-game economy based on blockchain networks rather than on real currency can give them their rights in value and existence rather than just an in-game currency. As a result, NFT gamers can purchase, use, sell, and trade the currencies they have amassed outside of the crypto gaming industry.

Axie Infimity

The original Play-to-Earn game craze started with Axie Infinity in mid-2021. People started earning $50 or more a day, thanks to the huge increase in popularity of the game. These days, Axie has slowed down a bit, but NFT gaming craze has just started. The NFT gaming industry is still growing and there is still plenty of room to increase your investment. Today, let’s take a look on the top 3 NFT games worth playing in May 2022.

1.Space Marvel

Space Marvel is an innovative NFT Play to Earn game project that combines the elements of Myth and Science. Players can collect gods from all cultures, with ancient legends, but equipped with cutting-edge weapons to fight in a multiverse world. It can be said that this creativity will become the first factor that makes players fascinated by Space Marvel.


One of the most attractive aspects of Space Marvel is that it is completely free to play. Of course, if you want to improve your chances of winning, you’ll need to spend money on heroes/gods as well as spacecraft. These NFTs can be resold on the market to recover capital and earn extra income.

The inflation rate in the Space Marvel economy is controlled by 2 Tokens: $SVE, the primary Token, and $SVX, the in-game reward system. The use of these two tokens with independent utility will keep the inflation rate to a minimal. Furthermore, while the game and tokens are mainly run on the Binance Smart Chain blockchain platform, Space Marvel also supports Avalanche and Solana, allowing players from several networks to join.

In Space Marvel, players may take on the role of gods and battle evil forces to conquer space, the universe, and even other worlds. There are three game modes in the game: PvE, PvP, and Freight Mode are all available.

Regarding PvE, players will assemble a team of different gods to pass the level and gain several benefits such as Arena tickets, tokens, equipment, and so on.

PvP mode will be available for each season, which will last 1 to 2 weeks. To participate in this mode, players must own Arena tickets. Players of comparable skill levels will be placed together in Arena. At the end of each season, the best ten players will get a slew of pricey prizes.

Freight Mode: Player successfully transports their cargo to double the initial staked tokens


As mentioned above, Space Marvel owns 2 types of tokens, $SVE as the main Token and $SVX as the reward system in the game. The game uses these two Tokens with separate utilities that will ensure the inflation rate remains at a minimum.

SVE tokens are allocated as follows:


2. Golden Bros.

GOLDEN BROS is a 3v3 casual shooting game for both mobile and PC. Built on Unreal engine with over 2 years of development, GOLDEN BROS boasts AAA graphics and unique play style that makes the game genuinely fun to play. A blend of brawler and roguelike genre is specifically designed for the play to be addictive and pleasantly surprising in every battle.

Developed and published by the 8th largest game corporation in the world. Netmarble was established in 2000, with globally successful lineups and IPs including Seven Knights 2, MARVEL Future Revolution, BTS World, Lineage 2: Revolution, and The Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross.

Battle for ranking to be able to bring more rewards and continue to push the limits up. The competitive essence will motivate you and your team to fight together to seize victory. Reach higher Tier and make the most out of your battles! The controls are Roguelike. You can simply lounge and play with one hand, picking up capsules for additional abilities & using Ultimates at the right moment to turn the tide.

NFT costumes are centric in taking the most experience out of the game. By equipping the costumes, players will engage in crypto battles with a compact play time within 3 minutes.

Every battle will have new challenges. So, adapt fast and build your own strategy to hit the blindside of your opponents.

After creating an account, you will be given 9 free Bros characters to play

When playing for free, you will not earn tokens, but only receive gold, medals, classic costumes (not convertible to money).

GameFi Monetization

To start earning money, you need to own at least one NFT costume.

Only owners of NFT costumes can earn GBC tokens. GBC earns more or less depends on costume type and match results.

The GBC tokens you earn in the game will transfer to ITAM CUBE. You can cash out what you’ve earned or invest it back into your Bros to challenge higher leagues and win bigger rewards.


Mangamon is a GameFi title built on the Fantom blockchain, dedicated to fans of old games, based on the style of Japanese Manga. The characters’ built-in Mangamon with the image of eggs are very cute, so they are easily accessible to many audiences and ages. In particular, the PVP game mechanism will remind players of Angry Bird – a popular game about ten years ago.


The way to play the game is not too complicated but still ensures exciting adventure experiences. In it, players can participate in special events to receive valuable gifts, such as the ongoing Air Drop event that allows them to invest a small amount of capital to earn more tokens. 

Coming to the Mangamon world, players can make money in all aspects and the highlight to talk about in the Earn issue is the Mangamon Airdrop. In addition to the bright spot of Airdrop, Mangamon also has a lot of earn mechanisms that make users have more chances to make money. Users can earn from playing different modes, including Airdrop, PVE, and PVP. Many other unique features are being teased for the near future: Breeding, Free for Fan PVE, Tribal wars, Massive crusade, etc. 


To play Mangamon, you need to have characters to fight in this game, such as Archer, Batman, Cowboy, Fighter, etc. There will be 6 Egg tribes: Calcifer, Nitonami, Akihiro, Ryuu, Nito, and Markl. Players need to go to Mangamon’s shop and buy egg embryo boxes (OVUM) to get eggs. Those OVUMs will be incubated for about 7 days, after which the player can convert to NFT from level 1 to 4, depending on the box selected. Players can match low-level NFTs to get higher level NFTs and increase the profit rate exponentially. The higher the level egg, the more power and the more advantage you get in the ensuing battles.

Token in game:

MAN is the governance token in the Mangamon Metaverse project ecosystem

MON is the bonus token used for Airdrop, Box Reward and Ecosystem Reward


To join the game, players need to buy FTM with a Metamask wallet, and for a smooth play-to-earn start, you should have at least around 200 USD to easily invest in buying OVUMs.


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