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The Heartbreaking Truth of the Adult Film Industry

Earnings are a rather delicate matter that most adult movie stars don’t want to make public.

Low salary

No one can make money from p*rn. Contrary to what the public misunderstands, hundreds of girls entering this industry, even with years of experience, may never see 6 numbers. The income of the famous p*rn star you know will probably be a lot less than you think.

How much an adult movie star earns is kept a secret from not only outsiders but people in the field as well. Very few girls admit to having s*x scenes for 500 USD, but this happens often.

In particular, the income of actors and production companies has decreased markedly since the emergence of free p*rnographic sites on the Internet. Piracy acts take a heavy toll on the industry. To be frank, making money is already hard.

People may be surprised to hear that a famous p*rn star accepts to act in any movie for a fixed salary without bonuses or bonuses. Typically, a female actor’s remuneration is $800 to $1,000 for a male/female scene, $900 to $1,200 for special scenes, and an additional $100 for each additional person. The price drops even lower when they close the talking-only scene, as low as $250.

The salary of male actors is even more “disastrous”, only from 200 to 600 USD, almost half that of female actors, but they have more opportunities to act in movies more often. It is known that some actors accept to act in movies for 100 USD, some even take 50 USD. The more famous people can increase the remuneration to more than a few hundred dollars.

Of the hundreds of actors in the p*rn industry, only a few have the opportunity to work regularly. So everyone was trying to get more than a few movies to do each month, which made the production companies “made in the country”, they could hire actors at lower and lower prices.

Reveal the truth

Very few agencies are willing to compile records that reveal the reality of the salaries of today’s p*rn stars. However, Mark Spiegler is an exception. Spiegler is known as a veteran representative in the field, currently he is in charge of managing 24 girls.

“The average actress makes about $40,000 to $50,000 a year,” he said. “But most of our girls make more than that because they’re famous. The lowest they get is around $50,000.”

The adult film industry has changed over the past few years, with everyone struggling to find a job. One must stand out and work as hard as possible as long as possible because the career of a p*rn actress is very short. “It could be four to six months,” says Spiegler.

The myth that it’s easy to make hundreds of thousands of dollars a year still exists and people have taken advantage of this to lure teenage girls into the industry. Eric John, a 10-year industry veteran from Erotique Entertainment, said: “The problem is that there are still brokers who are on the edge of the industry. They lure girls with words like:” If you get into this industry, you can make $20,000 a month.” I’ve actually seen these ridiculous scam with my own eyes.

Not only that, they also want to collect brokerage fees from new girls. Some recruiters are actually actors looking to take a percentage of a new girl’s salary or use them to co-star in her first few scenes. For some male actors, this is the only way to get hired.

Although some girls can actually earn $20,000 a month, these cases can be counted on one hand. As John said, “It’s like football games. A few people will get on the pitch, and most of the people on the bench won’t make much. However, almost everyone is new. entering the profession thinking that they will be on the field and famous. The reality is that there is only one person capable of shining and there are many substitutes around.”

Getting poorer and poorer

Management companies are not only criticized for reducing wages, but some cannot afford to pay. The increase in profit is less, but the decrease is more. “If you produce the scenes at the right cost and pay people standard prices, then with more and more free sites, they won’t be able to make any money,” said John.

Courtney Cummz is an award-winning p*rn star who doesn’t take low-paying jobs seriously. Given its popularity, Cummz was able to make more money on a webcam program than companies can afford today. A novice girl would not have the ability to make such a claim.

Courtney Cummz

As head of Zero Tolerance, Cummz was asked to pay the actress a price she herself would refuse. “I wanted to pay the girls a higher fee, but I couldn’t,” she said. “I have to follow the company’s policy and the rule is that I can’t pay an amateur girl more than 500 USD. They only get 100 to 200 USD.”

Acting in p*rn is an expensive adventure. Every actor has to invest in appearance. They also have to buy specialized underwear, clothes and shoes, the initial investment can be up to several thousand dollars.

However, there is a hidden cost that every p*rn actor incurs, and that is the tax that people forget to pay. Taxes are rarely made public and very few girls think they have to give up 30% of their income. As the years went by, huge tax penalties suddenly weighed on the unknowing. Tax debt has caused many actors to lose their jobs, because once the company finds out, they usually won’t hire the person anymore.

That p*rn actor was not only unemployed, but also saddled with a mountain of debt. This is a vicious, messy cycle that many people fall into. Spiegler gives girls advice: “You have two choices in p*rn: You can work hard and give up a lot of money to make the rest of your life easier. Or like most people. Another girl, at 40, you’re still going to have to work hard to pay off your debt without understanding what’s going on.”


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