Home Case Study Jill Koziol of Motherly tells her staff to stop coming to work

Jill Koziol of Motherly tells her staff to stop coming to work

The lifestyle brand Motherly – built and run by women, for women – has made a change to the way they run their business. Co-founder Jill Koziol decided to let her entire team of staff work from home to cut out time spent commuting and in the office, time that could be better spent with their families. Koziel has given them flexibility in their work-life and in return has built a strong and trusting team around her.

Beginning their journey together Jill and Co-founder Liz Tenety, award-winning Washington Post editor, realised there was not much in the way of high-quality content online for mothers and women on their journey through life. Together they have created an online community that connects people through their shared experiences in womanhood, offers inspiring content and products that meet the needs of their niche audience. 

Only 6 weeks after their initial conversation about the potential in this market the company was launched and has seen remarkable growth. A major reason for this success of course being that both Jill and Liz were in touch with the values of their community, and this extended to their compassion and understanding for their staff. 

The shift to remote working was a good decision because it resonated with the values of Motherly, but it was also a smart business move. Research has shown that while remote workers take longer breaks, over the year they work more days and with more productivity that their office-based colleagues. 


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