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Jesse Wolfe Case Study

In a bold and insightful move, Jesse Wolfe decided that the hummus business he had grown from the ground up was going to stop selling hummus. Yet this was far from the end for this entrepreneur – quite the opposite, this move saw his product line go from the shelves of 400 stores to over 10,000 in just two years

While he had grown the foundations of a successful product and a brand that people enjoyed he was having trouble getting it on the shelves of retailers. Bigger brands already dominated the market he wanted to move into and he was rejected more often than not.

Wolfe was attentive to what his customers liked, and when he discovered that many were using his hummus product as a salad dressing he innovated on that insight. He changed his recipe and developed a range of salad dressings which quickly caught the attention of retailers. Little did he know at the time, but he had just developed the first plant-based salad dressing. 

At first the business continued trying to get their hummus on supermarket shelves but before long their salad dressing was in high enough demand that they felt they should forget the hummus. This has inspired Wolfe to continue questioning his assumptions and aiming to disrupt the market, seeking out new innovative products to develop.

With the incredible success of their new product line O’Dang Hummus is looking at a rebrand – dropping the word ‘hummus’ for a start. Wolfe’s commitment to doing what is best for his business and responding to his customers needs shows that sometimes innovation comes in unexpected ways. It shows us that holding on to an idea too tightly rather than evolving can be the one thing holding you back from expansion and growth.  


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