How to stand out in a crowded market? Here are some tips

Most startups and small bussiness would choose to stand out in acrowded market. But how to do that?


There are plenty of startups and small businesses in the world trying to to get attention of the crowded field. So making differences from the rest is the problem many companies are trying to solve. Microsoft is for sure not the only one tech company that sells software, but it is the one that can make differences.

If you want your brand to attract attention, consider applying following strategies, they may help you in harsh competitions.

  1. Construct a captivating backstory.

Everyone loves an inspiring tale, especially a true one. Your company may have a good origin story. Maybe your CEO overcame hardship in his early life in efforts to build up his career, or one of your employees was a victim of racism but relentlessly try to spread love.

Do not think that you are wasting your time just to lay out a backstory for your brand, for you can use it to generate an emotional attachment with customers. In addition, be sure to use the backstory to promote marketing campaigns, statements and visuals.

  1. Do not hide your knowledge

Always share your knowledge with others around you, for example, your team. Do not hide what you know, flaunt it.

Sharing your knowledge is an important thing, not only on your industry but also other aspects. You can share anything, from where to buy a morning coffee or how to handle your bank account. Take newspapers as example, many of them accept well-written articles and opinion pieces although the writer is not a journalist.

Do not afraid to compare your brand with other brands. The best way to share your industry knowledge is through unbiased reviews of all contenders in the field, so that customers feel confident that they are choosing the best after reading reviews. The more industry knowledge you share, the more reputation you would get for yourself and your business.

  1. Take good care of your customer service

If you have products whichs are similar to other brands, so why customers choose your product over other products? The answer may go down to your customer service and customer experience.

Let’s say you are a delivering services provider, and you cannot beat your competitors by price or speed. Then think about offering customers with a memorable journey of using your services from the beginning to the end. Good stories pread, and you can make difference from other services in the same industry.

Want to success in offering different customer experience? You have to have answers for theses questions: What are CX practices that you could borrow? How could you modify winning CX strategies and own the corner on concierge service for your clients?

  1. Empower your employees

Remember you have a group of employees that is like no other’s in the world. Together, they can bring about motivation and new perspective to whatever you do. Make sure that you give them the tools and freedom they need to guide your differentiation.

Train them to think like a business leader and respect their roles and choices. Listen to them when they give you solutions to your problems, show them that you trust them because trust is a key aspect of employee engagement.


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