How to scale sales in Amazon?

If you want to sell a physical product, sell it on Amazon.


According to Big Commerce, e-commerce marketplace’s growth has been skyroketing in the last decade, surmounting to a monthly user base of over 197 million people worldwide. So it is high time to sell things via e-commerce platforms like Amazon. But how to stand out in a such a crowded market?

  1. Build communities 

Many people woul choose spending on ads to scale up their sales online. Ofcourse, there is nothing wrong with this strategy, but to stand out you need more than that. Consider building a community, because people basically want to be a part of a community.

Identifying influencers who can promote your products can help you build communities. Gather a group of people around your brand can help you create a sense of brand loyalty. If a customer wants to purchase one of your products after seeing images of other customers purchasing and enjoying it, they are more likely to purchase.

First, you should recruit influencers – even that influencer with 5,000 – 10,000 followers – to promote your products. Then, direct your customers into groups in social platforms like Facebook, where discussions related to the product’s industry.

  1. Ask for reviews

Reviews play an important role in selling online for they can create a sense of trust with new customers. Many people scour the online reviews when making a purchasing decision. And one’s personal experience with a product is very important. If that experience is good, so why don’t we spread it to other customers?

According to Ready Cloud Suite, 87% of customers put their trust in online reviews about products. In other words, customer really care about a stranger’s opinion about a product when they are considering to purchase, equal to hearing opinion from a friend.

A good review is great, and the number of reviews also matters. You can hardly buy a product if there are only a few reviews about it.

And the easiest way to have plenty of reviews is asking your customers leave their review about you products. You can ask customers for their reviews within the first 30 days through Amazon Seller Central.

 Prioritize packaging 

Along with the quality of your products, what also matters is how your products are packaged. Most would like nice packaging that reflects your brand. And the way you package your products could really increase something less measurable: customer loyalty. If you recruit influencers to post your products online, the “unboxing” content is quite popular. Many people would like to go through an interesting unboxing experience.

Well-packaging products can take you further than just a product pakacged with a poly bag.Packaging is all about the experiecne of receiving and opening, like unbox gifts, the individual way, rather than giving off the sense that your product has been mass-produced.

  1. Provide instant customer service

Improve your infrastructure on your listing and your website, because once you begin investing in ad, influencer marketing, things could take off quite quickly.

Consider using messenger bots for the artificial intelligence technology is developing quite fast; and bots can help you scaling in a way that human cannot. You can use bots to connect with customers, release new products, share contents related to your products and build communities.

By using messenger bots, you can reduce the amount of negative review about your products. For example, someone is unhappy about one of your products and want to share their review but find no one, they will be angry. But if the can share this with a messenger bot in that moment, they are less likely to wirte a scathing review.


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