How Rich Is Joe Biden?


We all know that US President Donald Trump is rich – ridiculously rich, but how about his opponent Joe Biden, the newly US President-elect? Well, turn out, he is also rich. Joe Biden is a millionaire, with 9 millions dollars to his name.

According to Forbes, Joe Biden’s total net worth is about 9 million USD, including his property portfolio, cash and investment, and his federal salary.

Joe Biden
Joe Biden has $9 millions dollar in his pocket

Biden’s senator salary in 2009 was 169.000 USD per year. When he became Vice President in January 2009, his salary was 225.000 USD. He and his wife, Jill Biden, also receive about half a million per year from federal pension throughout his 8 years serving as the Vice President of the US.

However, most of Biden’s money came from out-of-office sources. Biden and wife made about 15 millions USD from selling books and being guest speakers at events. Biden is the author of the books “Promise to Keep” (2008) and “Promise me, Dad” (2017). He also holds a position in Pennsylvania University, with an annual salary of 400.000 USD.

Joe Biden and his wife
Joe Biden and his wife

According to the Washington Post, the main manor of the Biden is in Wilmington, Delaware, with a total area of 650m2. The manor’s worth was about 35.000 USD in 1997, but the current estimated price is 2 millions USD. Biden also purchased a beach house in Delaware in 2017. Recently, Biden has been renting a luxury apartment in McLean, Virginia, for 20.000 USD per month. 

Generally, Biden and his wife made about 11 millions USD when they left the White House in 2017; 4,5 millions USD in 2018 and about 1 million USD right before he ran for President in 2019. 

Even though Biden is a millionaire, he is not the richest candidate to run for the Democratic Party in this election. The richest Democrat candidates were Tom Stayer – hedge fund manager and Mike Bloomberg – New York City’s mayor. 


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