How Can Millennials Improve Their Income In This Difficult Time


Millennials is probably the most unfortunate generation living right now. “Geez, how entitled,” you would say. It does seem a little bit exaggerated, but millennials are going through a lot right now. They have to experience the slowest economic growth since entering the workforce, compared to any other generations in history, roughly 62% of millennials struggling with living paycheck to paycheck, and they earn 20% less than baby boomers when they were at the same age. After the Great Recession, many millennials struggled to earn their living, and thus have to rely on their retirement savings, high-interest loans – not to mention their student loan  debts racking up every day. 

Then how can a millennial improve their life in this difficult time? One of the most popular ways is to invest. And as we enter a new decade, a new investment framework is being developed – one that uses blockchain technology to create a new class of digital assets.

For the millennials, so far, this type of investment mainly focuses on apps and automatons. As a generation that grew up in the shadows of all the big techs, millennials are more open to alternatives investment means. An example for this is Robinhood, an app for stock trading and investment that have recruited 10 millions users in a short period of time.

robinhood app
The Robinhood app

There is no mystery why a bankrupt, tech-obsessed generation like the millennials is appealed by high-tech, commission-free platforms. However, for this to work, millennials will need more than just easy-to-use apps.

This so-called “solution” merely took the framework of capitalism and graze it with digital and technology. However, recently, there has been a more democratic framework with an entirely new class of assets.

The path for developing and regulating cryptocurrency and digital assets have been started. Even though digital assets were only available for US institutional investors, we can surely believe that it can be available for foreign investors in the near future. 

What does this mean for millennials then? First thing first, these assets can be traced 24 hours a day, 7 days a week – unlike the stock market, which is locked from 4pm Friday to 9:30am Monday. 

24/7 service
24/7 service is a must in this 21st century

Another advantage of digital assets is indeed the technologies themselves. The tokenization of assets allows anything, from real estates to arts, to be transformed into tradable assets with shares. Millennials who do not have much money to their names can still invest in a portion of the properties, which will still generate profits for them in the future.

The recurring economic turmoil facing the millennials forces this generation to use their wits, ingenuity and creativity to achieve the financial stability that the previous generations have taken for granted. It’s time for the financial world to catch up with 21st century technologies, and only time can tell how much the tokenization of assets can grow.


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