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Funnelytics: a Marketing and Sales Funnel Mapping and Analytics Tool

Understanding and tracking your marketing and sales process is vital for any business. With so many moving parts in the sales process the task of knowing exactly what leads where in your business can be difficult. The ability to visually map out and analyse the various elements of your business puts any marketer at a distinct advantage.

Some businesses require only a simple marketing and sales funnel. They perhaps promote their products on social media, where a potential customer can click to visit their website and choose to buy a product. This is a relatively easy process to understand and track. 

There are however many far more complex funnels which a potential lead might go through from their initial impression of your business to becoming a paying client or customer. This will often involve the use of several social media platforms, as paid advertising or email marketing, and the various landing pages and sales pages of a businesses website. 

As well as this there are other tools and software a marketer might use to automate parts of the process, or to analyse data at various stages of the funnel. Combining all of this – and being able to not only keep track of it but to communicate it to a team, and monitor changes, becomes an increasingly complex task. 

Funnelytics is a tool which marketers can use to track these sorts of complex – and of course simpler – funnels. It offers a user-friendly interface, with a drag-and-drop funnel builder which allows a team to collaborate on developing a marketing or sales funnel. Whereas teams might struggle to understand post-it-notes and drawings on a whiteboard, software such as this allows seamless, interactive collaboration on the development, implementation and analysis of a businesses’ core marketing and sales activities.

What sets Funnelytics apart from similar funnel-mapping software – or even an old fashioned white board and post-it notes – is the ability to see metrics, KPIs, user behaviour and other analytics reported directly. This allows marketers to make decisions based on real-time incoming data, and to report on what matters most for their particular goals. 

A free version of Funnelytics is available, with enough of the features available to allow you to see first hand how impactful it can be to visualise your own funnels and to test new ideas in an immediate and interactive way. It is a useful way to better understand your own processes as well as explaining them to your team or potential clients.


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