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Chinese man won 365 days of paid leave after attending the company’s year-end draw

A man surnamed Lam from Shenzhen won the award at the company’s year-end party on January 26.

The party took place before the Lunar New Year holiday. Lin and 70 colleagues participated in the drawing game and he was lucky to win the first prize “365 days of paid leave”.

“At first I thought it was a joke, but the director said it was a serious reward. I wasn’t fired, but I got paid leave,” Lin shared with joy.

Man wins "365 days of paid vacation": choose to discount 200,000 and donate 10,000

On January 27, Lin received a call from the director, asking if he wanted to take 365 days of paid leave or would like to receive 200,000 yuan (about $31,000) – instead of the prize. This man also promised that if he continued to work, Lin would not be forced to work administrative hours like other employees, but he could come to the company at any time. After thinking for a while, Lin chose the second choice.

With 200,000 yuan received, Lin immediately transferred 10,000 yuan to a charity fund, supporting children in the highlands during the Lunar New Year. With the rest of the money, the 30-year-old said that he gave his parents Lunar New Year gifts, and the rest he would buy some essential items and save it.

Man wins "365 days of paid vacation": choose to discount 200,000 and donate 10,000

On January 28, Mr. Huang, who is in charge of the media company where Lin works, shared that the company’s profit in 2021 is very good, so the board of directors devised an award to encourage employees’ work and effort.

When this information was shared, Chinese netizens were jealous of Lin and asked, “Is it too late to join this company?”.

Recently, a ranking of the average Lunar New Year bonuses in major cities in China was also shared by many people on social networks. Shanghai is the city with the highest bonus in China with 425,000 yuan. Followed by Beijing, Shenzhen, Hangzhou, Guangzhou with the amount of 402,000 yuan, 355,000 yuan and 305,000 yuan respectively.


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